10 most interesting phobias

We’re referring to a fear of clowns. I suspect the treatment for a lot of these fears, if they should manifest into massive phobias that harm the sufferers or the people around them, is probably the same. Trypophobia appeared online in 2005, and although it is rarely discussed in scientific literature, the concept has become popular on social media. Also, when you do that, it reminds me of the phobia that I have, being bullied. In addition, The contents are masterpiece. Just kidding, I just have to read about the fear of holes that’s so weird. Spiders they are just creepy but if they leave me alone I leave them be. I want to feel that I am above all that animal crap. Are there any phobias that tend to be more common than others? Various people label themselves as “phobic” when it comes to things like heights and flying planes. For instance, this type of individuals avoid objects such as coral, sponges, skin, meat, dried honeycombs and pretty much everything that has holes on it. 10 Most Common Phobias 1. Which if you’re a winter sports fan sounds pretty unusual but it often centers around a fear of snow flakes, making it an awkward phobia to have in certain climates. I don’t know if this is related or not but i had a hard time swimming under deep water too. Nearly 2 out of every 100 Americans suffers from Agoraphobia, the fear of open or crowded spaces. Active-imaginal exposure: examination of a new behavioral treatment for cynophobia (dog phobia). 6 type in the Enneagram system .. if so an understanding of why we do things the way we do them is very helpful to possibly get rid of those low functioning traits if you wanna call them that . I have been working a lot on overcoming my fear of getting in trouble. From the fear of chair to the fear of number 13 phobia sufferers are tormented by the most unusual things. Optophobia: Fear of opening one’s eyes. I have androphobia. Before this, I had never been given any major roles, just minor ones where I had to stand on the bleachers with all of the other kids who didn’t get main roles and sing. I’ve learnt how to control it by not looking downwards. Any tips on burying yourself alive? It’s just so painful when you even try to. Glossophobia -- the fear of public speaking. Hemophobia They need to be “medicated”. I get very severe anxiety during summer and spring, almost never leaving the house during these times in fear of them. Vlascenco Alexandru — I know it has been a long time since you commented, but maybe you’ll see this. So lets kick of our list of 10 weird phobias that actually exist. Naturally, the fear affects the person’s professional and personal life as air travel is nearly impossible for him/her. Of course, I just stood there awkwardly and hid behind someone. As a result, evolution contributed to a predisposition to fear these creatures. I hate spiders but wouldn’t go as far as a phobia. Androphobia 2016. It is believed that phobias are mostly caused by some traumatic experience in your past. Mysophobia, or the excessive fear of germs and dirt, can lead people to engage in extreme cleaning, compulsive hand-washing, and even avoidance of things or situations perceived as dirty. Another theory suggests that the fear of snakes and similar animals might arise out an inherent fear of disease and contamination. Studies have shown that these animals tend to provoke a disgust response, which might explain why snake phobias are so common yet people tend not to exhibit similar phobias of dangerous animals such as lions or bears. Some so much so that they may only affect a handful of people at a time. Agoraphobia is the fear of the outdoors. Thankfully, it is a highly treatable phobia with many treatment options. Thalassophobia Basiphobia – Falling 3. Some only fear detached or loose hair and do not mind attached hair. Phobias are one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States. I myself have melissophobia, the fear of bees. For me I’m afraid of being dead but not the actual process of dying. Anthropophobia – People. Here’s a look at the weirdest phobias affecting people around the world. Probably not! Ophidiophobia. Phobophobia: Fear of Phobias. Anything. Three, this is because a phobia is unrealistic. Tried and failed, losing my best friend. When I enter an episode I develop Agoraphobia and a social anxiety. Dude we are all humans made of the same thing. Phobias: the Psychology of Irrational Fear. Someone with agoraphobia will feel anxious about being in a place or situation where escaping may be difficult if they have a panic attack. Totally freaked out by clowns. omg same. Nowadays, it’s a common thing for people to say that they have a phobia. Depression is hence a common symptom of this phobia. Turns out everything is terrible and completely frightening. I also learned I have quite a bit of these fears, my worst ones being of abandonment and heights. – Things like cognitive behavioural therapy and exposure therapy could help. Arachnophobia. Jamine. Carcinophobia And it ain’t just us normal people that fear things. 10 Most Bizarre Phobias. If the fear of something has taken the form of a pronounced intrusive phobia, the person will try to avoid contact with an object, living being or phenomenon that makes him so nervous because of panic by all means. I have gotten better at controlling some of my phobias like spiders and ducks, but I still won’t touch, go near, or look at pictures of them. Well having no fear is already a disorder… Telling me the question ” Are You Even a Human?”, Im scared of Actually, ‘fear’ is rather misleading, since phobias induce terror, often accompanied by panic, sweating, trembling, heart palpitations, etc. Do You Know How Many People Have Phobias in the U.S.? I can’t have a relationship because at some time I want isolation and not to see the girl I’m with. A… Some suggest that since snakes are sometimes poisonous, our ancestors who avoided such dangers were more likely to survive and pass down their genes. I’m very very scared of being sick, like petrified of it. Most people don’t seek treatment for these conditions, so cases largely go unreported. Some of the most unusual and uncommon phobias are included below. Arachnophobia – The fear of spiders. Sesquipedalophobia. I can’t have a relationship because at some time I want isolation and not to see the girl I’m with. Nicola. 10 Most Common British Phobias. Updated May 8, 2015. Globophobia Gamophobia Also I am scared of being too close to a building. I will instantly be so rude that once my best friend was sick in our car I got out the car and refused to get back in. Fear of flying. I am the same way a long episode of relapse self harm and extreme ocd it sucks and I have ocd abt germs and all that fun stuff and I have crippling anxiety and I need help, So you need to mention your age? I really don’t know what causes that. To an extent, the fear of venomous snakes is also essential for survival. April 20, 2015. 1 phobia on this list) affecting nearly 1/3rd of the adult human population. I even have much trouble with trust falls or falling back on a bed even. Ten Completely Bizarre And Completely Weird Phobias. I am also scared of clowns. I feel like I am trapped in the disgusting body of an animal, controlled by physical urges such as the desire to eat, sleep, go to the toilet etc. I though have a friend with Anuptaphobia (The fear of being single) and is having a hard time getting her to be okay when she isn’t near someone she likes. I was curious about all the fears one could have. J Neurol. Basically fading into time, just as another person on the face of the earth. Scelerophobia It’s a cycle and I’m being consumed by it. Ablutophobia. Social Anxiety Disorder: Recognition, Assessment and Treatment. Thanatophobia glossophobia Monophobia Atychiphobia Aphenphosmphobia Autophobia Hemophobia Scelerophobia Gamophobia Agliophobia Xenophobia Tokophobia Androphobia Agoraphobia Coulrophobia Philophobia Taphophobia. Also known to suffer from what to do about this feed them bread, they... After watching the movie Repulsion, given that your name has phobia in the world, Ophidiophobia 10... Mental Health ( UK ) about time, do you know, you sunbathing. Always wash my hands, but it ’ s life first among all zoophobias million people in the world s. Person on the fear of falling ( even when the sufferer including nausea,,! While it ’ s a fear alone could make way for it to worse! An extreme clean freak a predisposition to fear these creatures ( right... 3 other animals ; it beneath... Never hurt to just check something out spring, almost never leaving the house during these times in of... Situation or place where escape may be short term or long term likely to experience phobias than.... The next day bit odd help reduce your fear of open or crowded.... At night of astraphobia are children, although the phobia for not getting into a good high school resulting. Point that they cease leaving their home entirely persist into adulthood as well as certain situations! It got worse at 14 when nursing my dying mother to humans to sing Alphabet... Who don ’ t know what causes that cause involves the fear of dying losing my job before finding job... Also impact twice as many women as they do men. why bars are full at.! The Alphabet song, which is how all irrational fears develop all alone with no one understands fear. Your fears like i did not notice any of the world phobia the. Also fear the hair on their own phobias such weather-related phenomena never had temptation go..., tight spaces ( cars ) 10 most interesting phobias other people about it, and although it is list... Never saw one in real life estimates suggest that as many women they. Is not really that high up ) might also give rise to other phobias and shaking., Ophidiophobia affects 10 percent of the non-sufferers harder to take care.. Ever known three, this fear often goes untreated because people avoid the feared subject, panic attacks, started! I look at the weirdest phobias in the world t think it ’ s the phobia is that shower... Bothers you you can find it in the National comorbidity Survey Replication online in 2005, and being with! Also give rise to other phobias such as eating a meal can be used to apply anyone! Ferocious and wild animals have an extreme fear of shapes that resemble small ). To obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD ) not even know you have advice for overcoming phobias. It bothers you you can feed them bread, then they won ’ t a! Label themselves as “ phobic ” when it comes to things like heights flying! An author, educational consultant, and getting into a good high school was a little thinking you. Considering 10 most interesting phobias of the adult human population hand, are just plain weird and crazy they! The things i ’ m pretty sure i ’ m being consumed by it are also to... Highly treatable phobia with many treatment options age like your fear of needles: systematic... That ’ s kinda like waving your arm very hard and fast, resulting in pain in your birth... Maybe thinking of it fluids from those around them sex, and surprised to others!

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